Handmade Jewellery Showroom

IndiaHandmade Jewellery Showroom is famous for traditional jewellery across the world. Jewellery has been part of Indian lifestyle and loved by every woman. This jewellery is really absolutely stunning with individual skills, touches from the craftsman of innovation creation. Even though the new jewelers has come up, the old tradition of handmade jewelers is still into existence.

Aathira Vellimalikai is the leading handmade jewellery showroom with lots of unique exclusive collections which is more attracted by the customers. We are specialist in handmade jewellery collections of bangle, ear rings, necklaces, chain and so on. Our traditional collections of jewellery are light weight which is very strong and perfect for regular use. We pride ourselves in ensuring that Aathira Vellimalikai holds its traditional and are committed to offer professional service of best services.